IP800 Electric Linear Actuator

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● Max Thrust: 1200 N

● Low Noise

● Max Speed: 66mm/s

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Product DescriptionIP800 Series High Speed Electric Linear Actuator, is an electric drive device that converts motion of the motor into the linear recipocating motion of the push rod. It can be used as an executing machine in various simple or complex process flow to realize remote control, rentralized control or automatic control. IP800 Series, with economical design, provide with advantages of both energy and intallation friendly, can be widely used in household, kitchen fittings and etc.
IP800 Series Electric Linear Actuator, with high speed (can reach to 66mm/s), include a variety of quiet yet powerful devices to accommodate a number of applications that require precise movement in a linear motion. They are ideal for applications where installation space is limited, such as a window opener or an adjustable car driver. Unlike conventional electric motors that move in a circular motion, linear actuators operate in a straight line. As a result, an electric linear motion is capable of pushing and pulling along with the ability to slide, tilt, lift and drop making them a versatile and reliable device.
Our linear actuator range features a variety of load capabilities, stroke lengths and speeds. The load push capacity(equal to load pull capacity) is from 150N to 800N, in other words, IP800 series linear actuator can push/pull 15kgs to 80kgs. Please do not overload when using actuaors, otherwise it will affect service life.
The stroke length for IP800 series is from 30mm to 1000mm, if you have special requriements about stroke length, you can directly click INQUIRY to leave some message or directly send email to our sales at cassie@thehoodland.com , we will reply you at the first time.
IP800 linear actuators also feature a limit switch that prevents the device from burning or stalling the motor once maximum stroke length is achieved, ensuring a longer lasting device with minimal maintenance.
IP800 Series features a compact design that is suitable for various applications that require limited installation space.
About package, every linear actuator will be individually packed with bubble film, then put in box in case of damage during transportation. Please check the goods at the first time you receive, if any damage after express, contact us immediately.
For detailed product item, please check ordering key and data sheet in Data Sheet, or directly contact us via email or phone call.
Features● Color: gray
● Input Voltage: DC 12V / DC 24V
● Smart design
● Aluminum alloy shell, blackening treatment
● Protection: reach to IP54 level
● Bulit-in limit switch
● Noise level ≤ 48dB

NO-LOAD SPEED (MM/S) 12 25 40 52
DYNAMIC LOAD PUSH/PULL (N) 800 400 330 200
DYNAMIC LOAD PULL (N) 800 400 330 200
STROKE LENGTH (MM) 50MM ~ 1000MM, Or customizeed (please contact us with your requirements)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0°C~ +40°C (+32°F ~ +104°F)
LIMIT SWITCHES Built-in Limit switch
OPERATING FREQUENCY 10%, max 2 min cutinuous use
INNER TUBE Aluminum Tube
Magnetic Switch
Notice: If you need customized actuators or optional features, please contact us for double check before you place orders.


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